Frequently Asked Questions by Hoteliers(FAQs)

Q. Why Shall I register my property with you when my property is already listed to many OTAs??

Ans. Off course, your property is already listed to many OTAs but you are paying a huge commission of 15-20% Commission/ Booking to them. Listing your Property with us will not only give you freedom from Paying huge commission to us but also more no of bookings.

Q. Why Shall I take PREMIUM Service with you when my property is already listed to many OTAs free of cost??

Ans. All the OTA takes 15-20% Commission/ Booking from you, where as we are taking a nominal hosting fees of Rs. 1999/- (+ 18% GST)= Rs.2398/- per yr then after with a promise of 0% (NO) Commission on any no. of Bookings you get in a year !!.

Q. Why is charging this Rs. 1999/-(+ 18% GST)= Rs.2398/- for taking the PREMIUM Services?

Ans. Yes Of course, for taking the PREMIUM Services is charging Rs. 1999/-(+ 18% GST)= Rs.2398/-from you, but this amount is very nominal in front of the huge commission of 15-20% Booking you are already paying to other OTAs, Moreover you are getting a lot of Benefits with the PREMIUM Services.

Q. What are the Benefits of taking the PREMIUM Services with

Ans. Benefits of taking the PREMIUM Services with 1. 0% (NO) Commission on any no. of Bookings you get in a year !! 2. More No of Bookings (as we are going to Display your Property on Different Digital Platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram , Whastapp and many more) (Trending Hotels lists on Our Home Page) (as publishing your Ads on different media platforms is not free for us we are charging this nominal hosting fees from you.) 3. Boost your Property Listings on Our front Pages so you getting more exposure for bookings. 4. From time to time taking Parts in Promotional events by 5. Additional Profit: as you will save 15-20% Commission/ Booking, means Firstly your profit is increased to 15-20% saving from Commission. Secondly you can charge more for the same room (but less than any other OTAs) and make additional profit of 15-20%, making your overall profit increased to 30-35%. (HOW??) Comparison on getting a Booking with Other OTAs. (if Room rent per night is Rs. 1000/- on both OTHER OTAs and Other OTA Commission Rs. 200 Rs 0 You get Rs. 800 Rs. 1000 Your Profit Rs. 800 Rs. 1000 Additional Profit - Rs. 200 (Savings ON Commission ) Same scenario after taking the Premium Services from (Since NO Commissions you can float your Property at lower Price and make more Profit) Other OTA Room rent Rs. 1000 Rs. 900 You get Rs. 800 Rs. 900 Your Profit Rs. 800 Rs. 900 Additional Profit NO Rs. 100 (Additional Profit beyond your regular Profit ) Means you will get the same Hassle free NO Commission Booking on a Lower Rate than other OTAs but still making a Additional Profit of 10-20%!! . That simply means apart from your regular Income from bookings you are making an Overall additional 35% increase in your Profits!!! 6. More Occupancy (as your rates are lower on our website you are going to get more bookings from our portal and that too on 0% Commissions)

Q. I don’t want any Premium Services from, can I still Register my Property on

Ans. Yes Off course , you can still Register your Property on our Portal but you will be charged 10% Commission(Still Lower than Other OTAs), but your Property will NOT get the benefits of PREMIUM Services offered by

Q . What if I don’t want to get registered on (Neither Premium nor FREE Services)??

Ans. If u don’t get registered on today, in near future you will see your neighbouring properties getting more booking and more profits than you as they all are registered on our website and enjoying the benefits of!!!. so then maybe you will opt for our services but it will be late to start with!!

Q. How ensures more no of bookings than other OTAs websites??

Ans. Since already said that NO Commission means you float your property at a lower price on means All the websites which compares and allow you to book at the Lowest price will show our portal on the TOP of their choice to book ,so the Customers will rush to rather than booking it from any other expensive OTA site. !!.

Q. If I take Premium Services from how you ensure that we will get more bookings?? What if i don’t get single booking even after taking the PREMIUM Services from

Ans. The world is of endless Possibilities, Yes it may happen , but our 24x7 Support and Relationship Managers team will closely monitor each and every property to make sure that they get enough bookings, moreover time to time our RMs Team will also follow the best practice to keep your property in the current market trends. Even after this if you don’t get a single booking we will refund your whole money and give one year PREMIUM subscription free of cost to you!!!.

Q. Can I upgrade My FREE Plan to any PREMIUM Plan afterwards??

Ans. No we are sorry to inform that once FREE Plan is opted then you can’t shift to any PREMIUM Plans, however you can shift to FREE Plan or any other PREMIUM Plans anytime after opting to any PREMIUM Plan. But Staywala ensures that once any PREMIUM Plan is opted you will love to continue the Plan with so many Fabulous Advantages and benefits rather than going back to any free plan.

Q. What is the Procedure for Listing My Property on

Ans. It’s Simple, and will Always be, just log on to click on HOTEL LOGIN / SIGNUP tab, then Tell us about your property and its facilities, upload some best pics and click on List My Property button, you will be directed to the Option page where you choose your Plan (PREMIUM or FREE) and there you go are live in few Mins.!!!